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The Parish The Sacred Heart and St. Margaret Mary. East Dereham, Norfolk

Parish Council

The parish council meets about four times a year to discuss the various pastoral issues which arise in the parish.

The council consists of up to 15 members, with the aim of representing the varied nationalities and interests represented here.
The current members are:
Fr. John Barnes (Parish Priest)
The Revd. Martin Sanderson (Parish Deacon)
Teresa Fryer (Parish Secretary)
Tony Whitehouse (Parish Treasurer)
Catherine Perkins (Chairman of the Finance Committee)
Victor Batista
Rita Knocker
Anne Nicol
Maria Penfold
Mary Shutt
Kenneth Summerford (Chairman)
Frances Verne
Elaine Wilkes (Minute Secretary)

Article written by Richard May


Parish News

Parish Group News

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